Our original step-by-step hand knitting instructions advance the beginner from simple designs to the more complex. Advanced hand knitters will enjoy our more challenging patterns.



Thumb Knitting
Seamless Knitting
"Because piecing is painful!"
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You will create  beautiful, well fitted sweaters and  fun hats and learn by doing....
You will improve your hand knitting skills and succeed at every level....

Little Socks and  Hats are a great way to learn new ways and styles of knitting.

You will handknit our sweaters in one piece from the top down. Choose yoke, raglan, cap sleeves, or saddle shoulder.

Every pattern is marked with a step level like this: Step 1   to show how easy it is to knit.

"A custom fit is easier than you think!"

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Knitting Patterns for Sweaters
Will the sleeves you knit fit the body of your sweater perfectly?
Are your seams a little wobbly?
You want to enjoy knitting! You do not want to worry about poorly fitting parts.
"Start knitting from the top down now!"
Why knit from the top down?
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Circular Yoke Sweaters
Click to go to circular yoke style sweaters.
What we think of as Scandinavian knitting, popularized in the 1950’s as "ski sweaters" can be hand knit from the bottom up, or from the top down. Thumb Knitting instructions start you at the neckband and bring you down. The neckband ribbing is finished, first thing, so you don’t have to go back later and pick up the neck stitches.
The easiest and most forgiving style, the simple circular yoke is recommended for the beginning sweater knitter.  Click to go to circular yoke style sweaters.

You should be familiar with the terms: cast on, bind off, knit, and purl.

Raglan Sweaters
Click to go to raglan style sweaters.
A raglan sweater is probably the second easiest sweater you can knit. Beginning with the neckband, increases are made every other row (usually) to the fullest part of the chest. Most figure types look good in raglan sleeves. Aran sweaters, with their beautiful cabling are usually done in raglan. Our step by step knitting instructions let you begin very plain, then add cabling as you become more experienced.
Cap Sleeves

Cap  sleeves are what you most often see in patterns and off-the-rack. Contrary to present fashion trends, this style can be "fitted" AND comfortable without being oversized. You may feel that our seamless cap sleeve sweater patterns are more challenging than the circular yoke or raglan.  Patterns coming soon.

Saddle Shoulders

A saddle shoulder sweater is perhaps the most challenging pattern. You can knit the saddles seperately, then pick up the stitches, or…. You can knit this unique sweater truly in the round, in one piece, beginning at the neckband with our original design.  Patterns coming soon.

Adult Size Sweaters
Adult sizes are included in each style page.  To see all our adult sweaters on one page
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Fun to knit, hats are a great way to get started with Fair Isle knitting......

A hat is a small project...
it doesn't take much yarn.....

Use it to learn new stitches using colors and cables....

Then put your new skills to work on a hand knit sweater!

 Click here for baby and children's hats.
 Click here for teen and adult hats.

Little Socks
For your littlest guy.   Sized for 3 months and six months.  Perfect for cold little feet or stockings hung by the chimney with care (very easy for Santa to fill!). Click here to see all the Little Socks

Click here for Free Little Socks Pattern

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photo of Sky & Leaves, a baby sweater to handknit
Jewel ski cap.....click to go to Hats

photo of Sky & Leaves, a baby sweater to hand knit

colorful Jewel ski cap


 Forever Home: A Guide to Rehoming the Rescued Dog